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Simple Methods to Relieve Headache

March 12, 2010

say no to headache

Massage method – Massaging the temple area, the scalp area and pulling on the hair with some force and then releasing it may help. The massage method helps eliminate stress, which is a major factor in causing headaches. It can also be combined with a neck massage, as tension is likely to build up in the neck and cause headaches.

Lying down in a dark, silent room may also relieve headaches. This can be combined with massage and , applying a damp, cool cloth when lying down.

Vinegar – Sinus problems are often associated with headaches. For sinus headaches, boil some vinegar in water and place it in a bowl. Wrap a towel around the head and bend over the bowl. Inhaling the fumes will help unblock the sinuses and alleviate the headache.

Exercise – Exercise will relieves tension and the pressure to the head. Exercise also relieves stress, but if the headache is of the migraine variety, then exercise is not advised. It will only increase the pain of the migraine headache.

Stop smoking is an ideal way

Reduce alcohol, caffeine and cigarrete smoking – There are many causes of the common headache. Food, alcohol, and caffeine are all big contributors. Reduction of the intake of alcoholic drinks, certain fizzy drinks, coffee, and cigarettes will help to reduce headaches.

Sleep – An easy remedy for headache pain is simply to go to sleep. Many people are able to sleep off their headaches. Make sure you are not sleeping in an awkward position and do not be tempted to oversleep. Oversleeping is more likely to induce headaches, not to relieve them.

Breathing exercises – Taking very deep breaths and then exhaling slowly may help. The correct breathing exercises will have your stomach moving more than your chest.

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