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Take care of our minutes

March 28, 2009

take care of our minutes

Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves. – (Lord Chesterfield)

WHAT is it that some people always said that every thing must be in a good condition in order to succeed in life? Is it true?

Some of us are still don’t understand the law of life. Live in life is just like a motion that are not stop. It will always keep moving all the time. Never one could try to stop it.

So, how could we do to make sure that we are not loosing that primely time. Don’t you know that every time we waste our time, actually we  have killed a step of our motion to go forward.

Don’t let all these thing are continuously happening to us. Life must be go on. Make sure that every  moment of us are spent in a good manner. Even if we are playing basketball with our friend, be ensured that we use it wisely.

We have the priority to choose our own step, whether to keep moving on or to go back to the past. So, make your choice now. Decide the best one.

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