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Failure is nothing at all

March 27, 2009

failure is nothing

IT is foolish to fear what we cannot avoid right? Have we already known that everything happen surrounding us is actually an asset for us. Never mind whether it is a bad one or others.

Henry Ford said that Failure is only the opportunity to more intellegently begin again.

Assume that the failure is only a matter that we should take it as a good back up for us to develop more in our life. Don’t let the setback always disturbing our cheer. We must always have a fun and happy all the time.

Some of the people are more likely to remember and refer all of her or his failure are due to their mistaken in the past. Doesn’t it true?

How can we just say that all of the setback are just caused by our mistaken. Should we do some postmortem? Every one have the the right to have their own judgement. But why not we keep all the failure as our point for us to start move on forwards.

So, stop from always condemn of our own mistake. Keep it a simple matter. Forget it. Could we return back all the mistaken? For sure we couldĀ  never bring all that again.

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