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Believe that you have it and you have it

March 26, 2009

imagination come from ur mind

YOUR imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractive. That’s said by Albert Einstein. So, how do we? Want to imagine something of miracle? Yeah, do it now.

Although we are in the field of study, don’t afraid to make something that can give you an absurd  result. Just imagine how would be happen if one day you are the president of your country. That’s not impossible right?

So, don’t let your time to be wasted easily, just take a moment, imagine yourself. It’s very easy and i know all of us can do like that.

Believe that you have it and you have it.  (Latin Proverb)

I think all of us have already known our mission. As a human, we  want for  sure the best in our life. None of human like to fail in their life.

Our life is a long jourmey. It’s more about how we make and maintain a relationship with the others. It need more cooperation right?

So, trying to do the best and may Allah bless you.

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