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March 25, 2009


WHAT’S meant by Happiness? Is happiness really important for us? All of the situation in our lifetime need motivation. None of us could  deny this phenomenon. When we are really being motivated, the happiness  would definitely come to us.

Trying to do something new is one of the best method to make our life better. Don’t be afraid if the new habit could disturb you. We need to change. To be the best person, we have to make some improvement. We have to ensure that today is better for us than yesterday.

If we liked to play computer game previously, don’t be ashamed to get a new habit. Playing football is a good example. When we do something new in our life, we concurrently will make our emotional happy. So, make a new habit, starting from now.

Another method to be done in order to make happy is always smile. Keep on smiling through out your day.

Don’t let our day filled with our sadness.

Always help others. When we usually help the other person, we actually will make him or her happy and this surely would also increase our happiness. When others happy, we also definitely happy.

So, don’t let our life getting worse. Make our life better, keep aside all the bad things. Life must be go on.

Imagine what our world would be like  if all of the people did not happy with their life?

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